Consultancy Services

Advice on buying or selling a Megayacht or Superyacht - Our senior consultant has probably more years of experience in the marine leisure business than anyone else in the industry
Hand holding expertise for anyone new to the large yacht business - We provide first time buyers with an experienced consultant who will give friendly help and support throughout any negotiations in finding the yacht of their choice
Valuations for Probate, finance or insurance purposes - We offer our services and expertise in any valuations for clients who need our expert opinion for Probate, Finance, Refinance, Insurance and Insurance Claims
In-house brokerage services - We have an in-house brokerage service that works under our guidance for any client wishing to purchase or sell a yacht - Mega Yacht Brokers
Legal - Expert Witness experience - On occasions, we act as an Independent Expert Witness in Court and Arbitration cases for clients including solicitors, yacht owners and shipyards that want to use our expertise in helping them prove their case
Bespoke project management - for UHNWIs including Marine and property financing, investment review/monitoring and economic residency programmes
Additional services - Market Research, Technical Work, Statistical Work and Planning
Strictest confidentiality maintained at all times - We act totally independently from any other company or business in the Megayacht and Superyacht Industry